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The exquisite Audrey Hepburn once said: "The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years."

And that is exactly how beautiful this house is. It is stunning on the outside but has so much more to offer on the inside as well. It is an expression of passion, inspiration, charm, experience, love... It is the embodiment of art! And we all know that the earth without art is just "eh".

Villa Artien will capture you with its unique energy at the very first sight and once you enter it, you will know for sure that this feeling will last.

The villa's homey atmosphere, warmth and numerous details you will find yourself in, the colours bringing infinite joy and the sense of the villa itself will stir up the very emotions you are looking for, the emotions you need: peace and quiet we all long for and a place to rest and have fun in.

The originally decorated and equipped kitchen, the colourful and playful living room and the bedrooms bursting with positive energy, the sweet aroma of a wine cellar, the excitement coming out of the children's playroom...

They all have their own way of pleasing one's senses as well as meeting one's needs. It is a birthplace of new ideas and a place to change your own world, enjoying some privacy and alone time. And what else do we really need today anyway?!

So don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking of this villa as a therapist, a friend, an artist, a savant, an explorer, a place of fun, colours and positive energy, a place of peace and harmony, a place uniting even the biggest sceptics and cynics in agreeing that the villa's magical alchemy based on an inexplicable life energy is simply contagious and alluring in a way they have never experience it anywhere else.

However, this is not a tale you can easily put on paper because it will never be complete unless you actually immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere. Only then you will be able to truly experience the tale of passion, inspiration and persistent energy this place has to offer.

And every single thing you'll need to know will be right there... In the interior where true beauty is truly reflected in!



This beautiful villa is located in a small village nearby the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, giving an instant fresh look to the well-known charm of the Istrian stone used to build many famous buildings dating way back to the Roman period (such as Ponte di Rialto in Venice, the base of the Gothic bell tower in Ferrara, the dome of San Sebastiano in Padua and many more).

The villa's design has been based on well thought-out colours and style thus creating a pleasant, joyful and inspirational ambiance. This playful 270 m2 house has plenty to offer – you can spend your afternoon relaxing in one of four double rooms with an en suite bathroom or simply lying on the grass, having fun in the swimming pool and sipping on your favourite drink while enjoying a unique Jacuzzi shaped like an old barrel, or you can find out why a chef must always be kissed in the kitchen or relive your teenage years and never leave the playroom. You can also enjoy the exquisite wines tasting in the wine cellar or wait for the night-time and dance barefoot on the soft grass under the starry sky.

The inspirational atmosphere, light and mysterious allure finding its way to all of the rooms seem to be attracting people who are in search of a creative regeneration.

One of the artists, who found Villa ARTien especially inspirational, said: "Once you get to know the house and its surrounding, you see things differently. It gets easier to forget the notion of how a holiday house should look and feel like."

There you go. There really isn't much more left to say but to invite you to experience all this yourself. And until you do, browse through the photos of the villa but keep in mind that its true beauty and charm will reveal to you only when you get here.

Make time for your ARTien (it's great)!

“Thank you for everything! Sadly, our wonderful vacation is coming to an end. We immediately felt at home and we will come again some time!”

Jörg, Claudia, Heike, /illegible/, Karin, Jürgen and Jule + Paula “wuff” - 1 July 2016

“Wonderful! This is a reflection of you, your life and your existence...”

I love you very much, S6R66J & Zvone - 17 October 2015

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